Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

MIS Joint Replacement offers important advantages, requiring smaller incisions and potentially causing less trauma, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and less scarring than traditional techniques.

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Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for your orthopaedic specialist to navigate joint replacement procedures with a level of accuracy so precise it may improve the results of your surgery.

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Total Joint Replacement (TJR)

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Margaret W

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

“Dear Dr E Prince MD

You are great! My new knee works wonderful. Surgery was done September 1, 2011. The scar is like a thin line of thread.

Sherre Rechtsteiner APRN is the angel that told me about you. She was right. You do great work. I tell everyone about you.

The hospital and Jubilee home were the best. The food, physical therapist, and home care were also good.

I have no need for a CPM machine, walker, etc. I walk on my own now. I still do my exercises, all 25 of them. I feel great.

Well enough, just a big Thank You!

Margaret W.

Bicknell, UT”

Scott M.

  • Left Total Knee Arthroplasty
Scott M.'s photo

“Dear Dr. Prince,

Last week Brook and I went on a four day trip to San Diego. We went to the Wild Animal Park, the San Diego Zoo, the Midway Aircraft Carrier, and La Jolla. Each day was about six hours of walking, followed by bike rides around Mission Bay, and walks to dinner and on the beach. The Midway was lots of steep tight ladders.

My knee felt great. I had almost forgotten what it was like to step without pain. Thank you so much Dr. Prince for all of your efforts on my behalf. I have been on my bike for 1 1/2 hours for each of the last two days, and I hope you will come and go for a ride with Brook and me. I will ride with you guys for the first couple of hours, and then you two can do the last two hours at mach one.

Thank you Dr. Prince

Scott M. Homoscedastic Biped”

Randy Lindsey

  • Total Hip Replacement

“I have suffered for years with a worn out right hip. I was worried that if I had it replaced that I would have to give up dirt bikes. I would not have had it replaced if riding motorcycles was going to be a no no. But at 64 I still felt there was a lot of good years left to ride. After the pain got to where it was really affecting my life I made an appointment with Dr. Prince and he said there was no reason that dirt bikes would be out after a proper rehab. So we took the big step and had the right hip replaced. We decided on a ceramic ball, stryker shaft and a polyethylene socket.

Now with my new hip and almost zero pain I can do what I love to do. That is ride my motorcycle in the dirt. This photo is at 5 Miles of Hell which is one of the more technical trails in Utah.

At 3 months after surgery I was riding my motorcycle again. Glad that I had it done and glad I had Dr. Prince do it.”

Janice Petersen

  • Two total knee replacements and one manipulation

“Dear Dr. Prince,

Nearly five years ago I received a total knee replacement at a hospital in central Utah from an orthopedic surgeon there. My recovery was normal up to about ten months when my knee began to stiffen. It continued to get worse for the next year until it would only bend at about 45 degrees max and it was painful! I went back to the original doctor and to an orthopedic center in SLC just to be told by both, "This just doesn't happen." My daughter shared my problem with a physical therapist friend of hers from Dixie Regional and he said, "I know just the doctor who will know exactly what to do for you, Edward Prince." I agreed to make the appointment. You were so thorough and methodical figuring out what was wrong. You made the perfect diagnosis. I scheduled the surgery and then a few weeks later "chickened out." I waited another year because I couldn't stand the thought of going through knee surgery again. (Big mistake!) It got to the point I was having trouble getting in and out of a car. I was tripping people because of my extended leg, swinging my leg to get up stairs, limping etc. Finally, four years from the first surgery, I toughened up and you replaced the replacement with a new one that "fit." The large size of the first replacement was exactly what you discovered the problem to be a year earlier. Three months later you replaced my other knee. Don't you think that is a vote of confidence to have my other knee done so soon? Now, nearly one year later, both knees are doing well. In fact, I am walking the 5 Mile Run in Moab next month. Thank you for getting me back on track! ”

Pam H.

  • Left & Right Total Hip Replacement

“After hobbling around for two years on two bum hips, Dr. Prince convinced me I could no longer avoid the inevitable, and he performed a total replacement of my left hip two days after my 60th birthday. What an amazing birthday present! I was so impressed with the speed and relative ease of the rehab and recovery that we repeated the process on the right hip seven months later. Knowing what to expect the second time around made recovery even smoother. Almost a year has passed since the second surgery, and I'm thrilled to report that I'm working, exercising and living a totally pain free life.

All my thanks to Dr. Prince and his staff Jerri and Nate. Their skill, professionalism and care are unequaled in my book.

Pam H.

Kanab, Utah”

Trina Runyan

  • Total Hip Replacement

“I recently had a total hip replacement done by Doctor Prince of Coral Desert Ortho and I'd like to tell my story. I have had 4 knee replacements done elsewhere but this was my 1st hip. I have virtually lived with pain for years. On a good day my normal pain level sits at about 8-9, other days it's a full blown 10. After several appointments with Dr Prince we finally decided that I had severe hip arthritis and a Hip Replacement may alleviate some of my pain. I am now 4 weeks out of surgery and I'm so amazed. My daily pain level now sits at about 3 and is still improving. Dr Prince made some adjustments during surgery that can only be described as "magic". My leg was nearly 2 inches short to begin with and is now is almost exactly the same length. I didn't think I'd ever see a painless day again and after only 4 weeks I'm very close. I couldn't be happier with the work done by Coral Desert Orthopaedics and will never consider seeking help anywhere else. What an amazing job these people do and the level of care is just phenominal. Thank You Coral Desert and Doctor Prince for giving me my life back!”

Michael C

  • Torn muscle/injury

“I was seen by Dr. Randy Clark. His concern and care was beyond what I have experienced with other physicians. After the exam, he wrote out and handed me a diagnosis and treatment plan. He sent me for an ultra sound and gave me other instructions. He answered all my questions and put my worries at ease. His follow up phone call later was appreciated. I am now on the mend. A job well done!”

Leon Lee

  • Total knee replacement on both knees at the same time.
Leon Lee's photo

“I had Dr. Prince and Dr. Anderson at the same time do total knee replacement on both of my knees on May 20, 2013. I worked out with my knees very hard for two weeks before surgery as they suggested. After the surgery, I was up and working out the same evening. I only had one pain pill total on the second day. I worked out my knees very hard the first several weeks with various exercises with in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. I can tell you I was back playing golf and bowling by June 21, 2013. These 2 Doctors did a remarkable job for me and I will forever appreciate them for what they have done for my quality of life.”

Norene Page

  • Bilateral revision knee

“Dr. Prince is a very special and talented doctor. He performed the bilateral surgery on my knees when the previous implants were painful and needed revision. He was not only accomodating with my musical schedule and insurance difficulties, but he outdid himself on these two knees. Dr. Prince is amazing. His skill is unmatched. He was attentive and caring as well as informative and forthright with all information. I would be happy to recommend Dr. Prince to anyone. He is tremendous. ”

Kay C. Wheeler

  • hip replacements

“Within the past two years, both my hips have been replaced by Dr. Edward Prince whose knowledge, skills, and proficiency are unquestionably exceptional. In addition to his orthopedic expertise and surgical competence, I value his personable and caring nature. I also value attentive helpfulness given by the staff at Coral Desert Orthopedics.

Both hip surgeries went well; both were assisted by Nathan Aston and ultimately many more first-rate staff and rehab agents at Dixie Regional Hospital; and both were accompanied afterward by services from Dixie Home Rehab (Mark, Will, Karla) who were also excellent, personable, and instrumental in my improvement.

I felt my initial recovery from the second hip replacement went better than the first because I "bounced back" more quickly from having a spinal block than I did from general anesthesia. Also, because my "system" is plenty active on its own, I wish I'd have remembered to have them hold all laxatives afterward!

Kudos from my husband as well as myself to Nora's great cuisine on the 4th floor!

I highly recommend Coral Desert Orthopedics. Would you believe, I'm so pleased with Dr. Prince's work, I'm headed back for a new shoulder soon.”

Patricia Jordan

  • Left Hip Replacement

“I had just turned 51 years old and one week later, on January 31, 2014, I suffered a freak fall and broke my left hip at the femoral neck. I live in a very remote and rural location in New Mexico and had to be flown to the nearest hospital. It was decided to try and save the hip joint due to my age.

Thirty hours after my accident, pins and a plate were put in. I was non weight bearing for 12 weeks but even after four months of recovery I was still experiencing severe pain whenever I put full weight on my hip.

I visited Utah in early June and was encouraged by my 86 year old mother to make an appointment with Dr. Prince. (My mother was Dr. Prince's first grade teacher) Dr. Prince (Edward, to her) had performed a full knee replacement on her a few years ago and she is still playing pickleball three times a week.

Dr. Prince and staff were so accommodating and helpful. They scheduled me an appointment that very week. After looking at the x-rays, Dr. Prince saw several problems with the healing of my hip. He recommended a total hip replacement. He worked me in his next surgery schedule and did the hip replacement surgery the following Monday.

When he removed the pins and plate from the first surgery, the bone literally fell apart. It had not healed properly. The new hip is wonderful and I am walking pain free and without a limp for the first time in six months.

Thank You Dr. Prince and staff!!! You literally saved me from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Forever grateful,

Patti Jordan

Hope to be playing pickleball on my new hip until I'm 86, like my mother!”

Ron G

  • Knee Surgery

“Dr Clark did an amazing job on my knee surgery. He was always exceptional at he follow-ups and kept track of my progress even through my physical therapy at ATP in the same building. The waits in his waiting room can be a bit long, but his bedside manners and attention were fantastic. I've had two procedures through him and was pleased with both outcomes.”

LeRoy Wicklund

  • Total Knee Replacement

“I'd like to convey how pleased I am with the new knee you and your staff replaced. Reminder, I was 70 years when you did it. A few weeks ago I went stream fishing for 11 days in Utah. There was very uneven ground to walk on and lots of downed trees to traverse and fences to crawl through. After 3 days it dawned on me I was having no sensation with the new knee whatsoever--no pain, no unsteadiness, just as if it were my original knee of say 40 years ago. I was concentrating on fishing. I did absolutely everything as you directed with the physical therapy. My therapist gave me a lot of encouragement and helped me push to my limits. I commend her and her staff also. I'm back dancing with my girlfriend as much as ever. Last weekend we danced at least 3 hours nonstop. I tell everyone about my experience with both of you. Thanks again.”

Jessica M.

  • Broken Arm

“Dr. O'Brien -

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my girl this weekend. You were able to calm both Katie and I, and give her dad the information to set his mind at ease, all at the same time. Thank you for making friends with Katie first, and for making her feel good about your ability to fix her - which she never questioned. I especially appreciate your willingness to explain what was going on to her in a way that was honest, yet not too scary, and understandable to a 4 year old.

Almost immediately on waking up from surgery, she set about figuring out what she could and couldnât do with her cast. She tested to see how much grip she has with her right hand and how much she can use the casted arm to support/steady herself as well as how the weight of the cast affects her balance. (We're not going to talk about this mama's nerves watching all this!) Once she got home, she decided that she needed to practice writing and coloring with her left hand, since she's got school, and doesn't want to be "a scribbler". This morning, her class's "morning work" was cutting petals and leaves to make flowers. She hesitated a second, stuck the paper between her thumb and the cast to hold it, and then got to work with a pair of left handed scissors. "Mom, this might take a little bit of practice."

I think she's going to be fine!

Thank you. A million times, thank you”

Connie Lipsey

  • Total knee replacement

“I could tell a long story of fighting the infection that attacked my knee in the early part of March of day I was fine; the next day I was totally immobile...

The important part is that Dr. Randy Clark identified the problem as serious infection...performed a cleaning surgery, and sent me to a fantastic infectious disease specialist...who cleared the infection and made my total knee replacement possible.

My left knee was replaced on 8/17/15 by Dr. Edward Prince and I have resumed my life in a way I could not have thought possible six months ago

Dr. Prince is a consummate professional and his office and associates are beyond compare.

I must also thank Dr. Randy Clark and especially Nathan Aston.

Connie Lipsey

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